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A Heroic Dose

Celluloid and Cathode Connoisseur

King Dumb of Fools
3 April 1975
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Make with the CLICKY Dammit!!!

Our hero was born and bred in an Irish lab at a very young age and soon learned that your Earth's yellow sun gave him horrible, cooked-meat smelling sunburns.

His superpowers include: Quick Wit, Good Grammar, Practiced Self-Deprecation, Heat Vision, and being Unnaturally Cuddly.

I don't drink a lot.
I used to draw a lot, and I want to get back in the habit.
I used write every day for longer than most people watch tv. I miss it.
If I'm outside my house odds are I have a camera on me or close by.
I'm totally in love with the sexiest woman alive. She was even so kind as to marry me.
I have two girls who will grow up to destroy Tokyo with thier cuteness and mind control ray.

I've had my heart broken more times than I like to count in the past but I'm married now, to a creature from another planet, a planet where they make 'em FINE and non-crazy, which is good... so that's not going to happen anymore. Quit trying to make it sound stupid that I finally found a girl worth wanting so badly... it'll happen to you if you just give up like I did and let her find you.

I have a social disorder that makes me want you to like me.
Read that slower if it sounds like gibberish.

Lebowski Fest - an event honoring The Big Lebowski.

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